Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Visit from Friends

Steve, Alena and their girls, Saige, Syndey and Cadence, came for a visit from Kitchener on Saturday. We spent the day on the waterfront and then back to our place for a barbecue. Ben and Evie had a blast playing with the kids, and it was great to catch up with old friends. Ben liked being surrounded by three blond beauties, and Evie just did everything they did all day.


Anonymous said...

As a member of the "Ben and Evie" fanclub, I would like to relate a story I've heard from two different people recently.
Evie comes in from outside, Mom Kelly says, "Evie, did you wash your hands?" Evie looks down at them and brushes them together and says, with a statement that mixes doubt with insistence in the way only a child can: "I dusted them."

Kelly said...

Hand "dusting" does not remove snail guts and frog juice - frequently found Evie's hands these days.